LAND of distraction

ROLE: Product development/ technical design

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Pulling inspiration and narrative from the post-hippie generation of the 1970’s, the brand presents a world of freedom and assertive self-reliance independent of its space in time. LoD captures a narrative that looks at clothing as serving purpose, layering fabrics and textures that best capture the individual spirit while balancing them through a strong feminine aesthetic style.

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I was the liaison between the design and development team. I provided cohesive transitions throughout the product design cycle. My day-to-day responsibilities included coordinating prototypes, creating tech-packs, updating WIP reports, sourcing, and conducting all communication with our factories. In addition to these primary tasks, I maintained an organized an archive of all fabric, trim, lab dips, and other important development components. I was present for all fit sessions, in which I would communicate updates to our factories.